Date: 24 Sep 00 05:01:19 MDT
From: joe samaha 
Subject: Attn. Mr. Elie Abboud

Dear Elie,
Hope you’re well you and your family.

I’m sending you these photos, about the Kobayatians residing in Nigeria, so if you want to 
publish it, we’ll be glad ;
Greetings from Georges Zeitouny, Michel Antoun, Joe Wehbe, Charbel Zeitouni and Joe Samaha.
It could be an idea about opening a page for the kobayatian expatriate, all over the world.
Many thanks, and bye bye………Oj

From Joe Samaha - Nigeria - 06 Jan 2004

please join these these photos to our site, i'll be glad to share with everybody as usual, thanking you a
lot, and praying to God, may He cover with more blessings.

many thanks,

Antonios Doumit Samaha
Charbel-Antonio Joe Samaha
Laureine and Joe Samaha