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From: Fr. Bakhos CHIDIAC   -   USA
Sat, 30 Dec 2000  19:23

Subject: Message to Fouad SALLOUM, Kobayat

Dear friend Fouad SALLOUM.

Greetings from the United States. I red your document about the history of Kobayat and your defense about the old existence of the Maronite there. I wish you all the best.

Please keep it up. I pray for the future of the Christians in Lebanon and in particular in Kobayat.

Your friend Fr.Bakhos CHIDIAC.


From: John Moarbes  -  PANAMA
Fri, 29 Dec 2000 20:36

Subject: libros sobre la historia del kobayat

Un saludo bien cordial y sincero desde panama os manda Jean Moarbes del Kobayat el Garbié y quien vive en Panama con su familia.


Despues de leer dos veces lo que escribieron los dos doctores SALLOUM Y ABDALLAH, veo clarito la logica y la profundidad y la buena preparacíon del doctor Salloum quien lo felicito del fondo de mi corazon pidiendo de ustedes hacer llegar mi respeto y mi admiracíon a su persona.


Joyeux Noel et bonne annee para todos ustedes.




From: "Tasab"
Sun, 17 Dec 2000 12:10

Subject: Congratulation !!!!!!!

Dear Bash.

When I received the beautiful news about " " , I was chocked .
I couldn't believe that by the work of One person who has his work and his family, our miraculous village can finaly have it's own official web site.

All of us we know this masterpiece need time, hardworking and even a lot of money.

I know that all the sites that we find on the net are supported by big companies, one person can not do this !!!!?
God bless you and help you to do the best for our village kobayat .
I'm ready to help you with all my facilities.


Email me for your needs.
Sincerely your friend.


From: Elia Y Nader  -   Säo Paulo - Brasil
Fri, 10 Nov 2000 19:29

Subject: B3hanikom bil saite

Bhanikom bil Saite!!!!!
ana hala3c kil yiom ma shufkom.
Ana Elia Youssef Nader, min Kubayat. Salmuli 3a kil 3ihel Kubayat.
3ihli min Martmura e ana 3ahib bil Brazil.
ana ibin Youssef makul Neder e Naus Fahed Gali ismu Mtanios Fahed (Antonio Fahed) Bufahed.
Bint 7gali isma Hassibi Fahed e bit halim bil deir hind Rahbet.
Salmuli a bait Gueli Fahed, wuledom e 3a kil wuled Kubayat!!! ana ibin igto la mtanios fahed.
Intu Kilkom habeib 3alb


Elia Youssef Nader - Säo Paulo - Brasil


From: Yvette Fahkry - Melbourne - Australia
Mon, 6 Nov 2000 11:08

Subject: Fouad Salloum

Thank You for publishing my uncle's book on the internet. 
Unfortunately, I cannot download the information as I do not have the software that supports the documents.
Well done on a good job.

Yvette Fahkry neice of Fouad Salloum
(Marie Salloum's daughter)


From: Charbel Issa   -   Ghowaya
Thu, 26 Oct 2000 22:54

Subject: good job

Hi Mr. Elie.

I'm Charbel issa from ghowaya. im a sound engineer and director programing in "sawt el ghad" radio station. 
good job and thanks for this site kobayat2000 very nice.

congratulation, i enter to all but i have A <notes> the chat room i can't understand this site .
and plz if u make a chat room for kobayat people only to now eatch other in kobayat if the chat room for only kobayat people e mail me plz.

charbel tanios issa.


From: Elie Mtanious Issa
Sun, 15 Oct 2000 14:46

Subject: Congratulation & Thanks

I am Elie Mtanious Issa from Ghowaya. When i first knew about the website i didn't hesitate to visit it and really what i saw surprised me because when you say that you're proud to be kobayatian you should got a good reason to be & thanks God we got many reasons for that, but this webpage is the best for what it could offer for us & all people to see & touch the beauty of our land & nature, our knowledge & education, our culture & prosperity & finally our hospitality & great faith in God. So all that i can say good work & God help you to carry on your faithfull job until you & we hit the same target & enlarge this project that is the benefit of our gorgeous village.

it's not important who act as much the act itself.
And if i could be helpfull in any way i'm an interior designer & i volunteer my ability & experience if needed.

God Bless You All


From: Roger Chahine  -  CANADA
Sat, 14 Oct 2000 22:27

Subject: félicitation_Mr._Abboud

Bonjour Cher Elie,

C'est avec beaucoup de nostalgie et d'émotion que j'ai visité la site de Kobayat dont vous êtes l'artisant, félicitation et de tout mon coeur kobayatien je te dis Merci pour le beau travail que tu as accompli en mettant sur pied ce magnifique lien entre nous et notre lieu d'amour infini le kobayat.

Encore une fois Merci Espérant toujours voir et lire des nouvelles aussi intéressantes je suiverai certainement vos nouvelles quotidiennement salutations cordiales.

Roger Chahine


From: Joseph Mtanios Chhadé Hélal  -  Montréal  -  CANADA
Fri, 13 Oct 2000 18:49

Subject: Félicitations

Cher Élie.

Je me présente. Je suis Joseph Mtanios Chhadé Hélal de Ghowaya Kobayat. Je vis à Montréal Canada. 

Je vous écris ces mots pour vous et NOUS féliciter pour ce beau site internet qui nous relie avec la chère Kobayat.

Mes salutations à toute ma famille, mes amis, et à tous les intervenants dans la construction de ce site.

Je me permets de donner mon adresse si jamais des connaissances voudraient m'écire. Mon adresse de couriel est la suivante:

Merci et bon travail.


From: Dr. Joseph ABDALLAH - Kobayat
Thu, 12 Oct 2000 20:37

Subject: شكر وتقدير

الصديق المهندس إيلي عبود


بودي تهنئتك على موقفك الديمقراطي المعبر عن حسك السليم في قضايا الفكر، ففي تقديمك ل"صفحة" "كتب القبيات" ليبرالية قل نظيرها في عالم اليوم في معظم بلدان العالم الثالث. إن حرية التفكير والتعبير شرط لازم لتطور والوعي والشعوب. وهذا الشرط أنت تحاول تأمينه، وعليه تشكر كل الشكر.


ليس ثمة من شك بأن الحوار الفعلي هو حوار الاختلاف، وبأن هذا الحوار يحتاج بالضرورة إلى فرص متساوية في حرية التعبير. أشكر لك ما تبذله من جهود. وأتمنى لك دوام النجاح. وعسى أن نتمكن من المساهمة معك في تنمية حس الحوار والتواصل القبياتي - القبياتي، والتواصل القبياتي - العكاري.


تقبل خالص شكري وامتناني، وتقديري لجهودك.

جوزف عبدالله، مساء 12/10/2000


From: Dr. Joseph ABDALLAH
Wed, 6 Oct 2000 23:24

Subject: Remerciement


Je suis très fier que Notre Kobayat figure parmi les sites Internet. Et c’est pourquoi je suis très reconnaissant, à toi, cher ami Eli ABBOUD, qui as mis tant de travail pour que ce site ait vu le jour.

Sois sûr Eli combien ton travail serait grand et important, si tu arriverais à faire figurer Notre Qobayat de par Son (Notre) entourage naturel Akkar.

Je te remercie beaucoup d’avoir émis la nouvelle de la signature de mon livre. Prière de corriger l’écriture de mon nom Joseph ABDALLAH.

Dr.Joseph ABDALLAH. 6/10/2000.


From: Rommel Souhail Ghosn -   FRANCE
Fri, 6 Oct 2000 10:00

Subject: THANKS

I would like to thank you for this lovely site which is supporting us while we are so far away from our country, families and our lovely village KOBAYAT.

I am a student in FRANCE (so you will understand my bad English) since two years ago and I find in your site all support I need to continue the mission I'd come for. By the way I think that we're neighbors, I'm from GHOWAYA too.
I hope you will precede up dating this site, and I wish you and your family joy, health and success.
Good Bye.

Rommel Souhail Ghosn -   FRANCE


From: Nazirina Khouzame - Australia
Mon, 2 Oct 2000 20:14



I'm Nazirina and my mother is from Kobayat.

I've got many cousin's there the surname is NADER. and id like to know If any of them have email address. I'm very impressed with this web site.

Please do get in touch with me.

Thank all of the people who have come together and made this happen. Thank you


From: Georges Emile Abboud  -  Usuario Universo Online  -  Säo Paulo - Brazil
Thu, 28 Sep 2000 22:37

Subject: Congratulations

Dear Elie,

I am Georges Emile Abboud, son of your neighbor, and I have been living in Brazil for ten years. I liked very much to know that our town, Kobayat, is now visible to the whole world via internet (and I am still happier for the good image you are giving). Me and my wife, Maurícia (granddaughter of your aunt Louisa), we felicitate you! 

I am very glad I can get news about my beloved town, the parties, the scouts. I specially appreciate the pictures of places where I grew up and which I miss a lot. 

I thank you in my name and in the name of everybody from Kobayat who are living in Brazil. Congratulations! 

If you need to say something to anybody here in Brazil, just let me know and I can help you. 

Best regards for you and your family, 

São Paulo, Brasil


From: Michele Ghosn  -  France
Mon, 25 Sep 2000 17:49

Subject: bonjour

Je suis Michele Ghosn .
Je suis très heureuse de voir que kobayat est on the web, mes remerciements pour tous et spécialement pour mon oncle Youssef qui figure sur la page de la municipalité.


From: Michel Chahwan
Wed, 20 Sep 2000 07:26

Subject: Dear Bash.

I surfed all your site, great Java man, & I didn't know you're good in Portuguese language :))
why?? it is still under construction, right ?

I liked most in your page the section of "content" it is a great index man, i mean you can't be lost in the page like this you'll see the content and that's it.
...I'll maybe try to buy a dot com web site also.
man I also wanan tell ya the photo section is so beautiful, & the first pic & the way it fade out and another one fade in, it is AWESOME.

ya3ni ya monsieur Elie ma ba3rif chou badi illak 3ala el web site, it is so great, big, huge, i mean no way than anyone will think it is a 1 man job.
....I'll put your page link in it.
I hope you agree.

thanks for your time
Michel Chahwan


From: Jean Moarbes  -   PANAMA
Sun, 3 Sep 2000 21:28

Subject: salut de panama

Cher Elie.

C'est un plaisir pour moi vous écrire dès panama. Je vous envoie mille baisers pour les repartir à mes chers les kobayetiens.

J'ai reçu la nouvelle direction de notre page. Merci beaucoup pour votre beau travail.


Je vous salue, cher Elie, et vous demande: pourquoi la page web n'a aucune notice de Gharbieh d'où j'ai né ?? Avez-vous quelque problème? Enfin, vous savez votre travail.


Salue fraternel.

Vos deuz frères : Jean Sassine Moarbes, et Michel Sassine Moarbes du Kobayat Garbieh, vivant en Panama.




Dear Brothers.

We are still under construction and organization, our pages miss a lot of themes and subjects about our home town. We will cover more subjects and activities in all kobayat's quarters soon.


Stareast Org.

Kobayat Website

Webmaster Elie


From: Abdallah  GHOSN  -  PARIS
August 19, 2000  09:29

Subject: Comments

THANKS to Mr. ELIE ABBOUD giving us the opportunity to read and see every thing about Kobayat our very nice home town. I am happy to be now in PARIS and I can in the same moment watching the fiest of "NOTRE DAME DE KOBAYAT".


From: Maria Aparecida  -  Sao Paulo - Brazil
Sat, 19 Aug 00 23:59PM

Subject: E-Mails

My name is Maria Aparecida Bakhos Khalil, I am from Brazil, my parents are from Kobayat and I like very much my country, I need, if you can send me some Kobayat's E-Mails. 

Name : Maria Aparecida Bakhos Khalil 
E-Mail :

Home Address : Av. Vale do Paraiba ,493, Pq. Sto. Antonio 
Jacarei, Sao Paulo, Brazil 
Tel. number : (012) 351-4629 

Thanks for all. 


Dear Sister Maria.

We cannot publish the e-mail addresses of our visitors without their pre-agreement. But we can show your email address on request. 


Stareast Org.



From: Joe Samaha  - NIGERIA , AFRICA

Date: Sun, 13 Aug 00 23:53PM EET DST 
Subject: from Joe Samaha to kobayat

hello Elie,

I'm Joe Antonios Samaha, form Zouk, Kobayat. I'm very happy reading and seeing all these pics form my Kobayat, where i have a lot of souvenirs, tender and nice moments, friends...

i thank you very much for the link you've opened to all of us to stay in touch with ours in Kobayat, our "village of dreams"...

i wish everybody a very happy Eid Essayde, may the Virgin Mary bless us all and our beautiful village, please send my greetings to everybody...

keep progressing, God bless you, and get more pictures of every corner of every quarter in the village, all the 
hills, all the places where we used to camp... those could be very important souvenirs for a lot of boy-scouts outside Lebanon, take care and stay in touch.

thank you again, bye bye.........Oj 


From: Fr.Bakhos CHIDIAC - Pastor of the Holy Family Maronite Church, St.Paul, Minnesota, USA

Date:  Aug 2000
Subject: Kobayat

It is wonderful to refer to your web site and follow the latest news about our dear Kobayat. Even we are overseas, but our hearts, concerns, and feelings are still there with our parents and the Maronites of Lebanon. 


God bless you and all our young generations who are our pride. Your father was my teacher in the 60's. He is a wonderful man, indeed I like him so much. You grew up in my absence and I don't know if you know me. Ask you dad, I am sure that he has good memory about his students. 


I was with the boy scouts for years. Ask Pere Cesar, Fouad Salloum, Saad Gemma, Dr Tony Daher........My parents are currently living in Kobayat, Zouk. My dad is Adib CHIDIAC, my brother-in-law is Pierre CHIDIAC, Ghoyaya. 

During the siege of Kobayat 1976 I was at Mount Laouka. 


In 1988 I emigrated to Australia and dedicated myself to serve the Lord. I was ordained to the priesthood in December 1991 in Sydney.
God bless you and enrich the works of your hands.
Say hello to all the good people like you.

 Rev.Bakhos CHIDIAC
 Pastor of the Holy Family Maronite Church,
 St.Paul, Minnesota, USA


From: Fr Bakhos CHIDIAC - Los Angeles,_USA

Date: Tue, 01 Aug 00 05:29AM
Subject: To Eng. Elie ABBOUD

Greeting from the United States.


I am Fr Bakhos CHIDIAC from Kobayat, Zouk. I am so happy that we have this website to inform us -who live overseas- about the latest news from our hometown we love.


I am serving the Maronite Diocese of Los Angeles. I am in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Please let me know if you are the son of my teacher Bakhos ABBOUD.

With prayers and best wishes, Fr Bakhos CHIDIAC


From: Daly, Julia A - Ireland 

Date: Sat, 08 Jul 00 10:03AM
Subject: RE: 2 photos

Good Morning Elie, 

Sincere thanks for your prompt reply! I can print them off in color now and Raed will be delighted to have them. 
During this week, Elie, I will go back into your website [Kobayat] and will e-mail you with some specific feedback. However, from an initial look we really enjoyed it. 

In the meantime have a great week. 



From : Freddy Daher -  Dubai - Emirates

Date :  Wed, 07 Jun 00  20:45PM
Subject : yi3tik alif 3afiyi...


kifkon yoooo and hope u will stay bi hall himmi always...
please let me hannik of what u r doing cos we know verry well that this is not done without many efforts and working hours.. i hope if i can help in anyway .....
please let me ask u one thing if it is with no harm, why u did not use WWW.KOBAYAT.COM...OR ORG. OR NET OR...?????????


i am not going to be shy from u and please accept it from me as i want like all of us the best for our village.. the site's music is not so beautiful i ma wonderingif u can do anything about it...
one more time alla ykoun ma3ak and yikallik bi hall himi and be sure that many of us if not all ready to help in anyway...





Dear Friend.

Thank you for your message and for your suggestions.

About using .com /.org /.net, this is our second step, when some financial problems will be solved.
I promise you to make what I am able to succeed this site and to establish the truly and the faithful connection between our village and abroad.
Note: we are now under heavy construction.

We will appreciate any ideas or suggestions.

Sincerely yours…. ELIE
Thursday, June 8, 2000 11:46 PM


From: Parramatta -  -  Australia
Sat, 27 May 00 15:00PM

Subject: Hi Elie

Thank you Elie, for visiting our Web site and signing our guest book. And thank you for introducing me to the Kobayat 2000 Web site. It appears that we may have inspired you to write up the Other links page:-) I'm glad that we could help.

P.S. I like the Auto Scroll feature on the Visitors page. I may use that some time on one of our pages.

Charlie Zeaiter.


From:  Sharbel Sassine - Melbourne, Australia

Date:  Sat, 06 May 00 17:58PM EET DST         
Subject: Congratulations!!

Dear Elie,
My name is Sharbel Sassine, son of Joseph Sassine who's the brother of Dib and Adib Sassine, both featured on the web page.


I'd just like to say congrats on this fabulous web page that you've created here. 


I m from Melbourne Australia and i have just gotten the address and taken a look at the page myself for the first time. I think its great that you've decided to do this and encourage you to continue building it, and updating it with all the latest from our humble Kobayat.

I m currently forwarding the page to friends and relatives of mine here, and soon it'll be all over Australia! Keep it up!

Sharbel Sassine


From : Graziella Iskandar
Date: Tue, 02 May 00  09:48AM EET DST
Subject:  shou hal halla

It was with great pleasure that I have seen this web page growing that fast.
I really congratulate you for your efforts and do think that you will give it more of your magical touch with time to come.  
I have suggested this page to many of my friends, you know, we, as "Kobayathian" should spread the word to every one.  

The one and only comment I had was: why not elaborating more the panoramic pictures of the village and some of its history?  
Everyone seems to be interested in our exceptional nature, so I kindly urge you to put more info concerning our natural environment and some of our special landmarks, likewise Kobayath will be an attraction, and this web page a lighthouse guiding foreigners.


Graziella G. Iskandar


From:  Paul Zaitoune - Dubai - Emirates

Date:  Fri, 28 Apr 00 16:10PM EET  
Subject:  To all My Koubayat Friends and Family

Dear Elie and Koubayatan's.

"Yin Ad Alley-Kom Bil Khair Wa Bil Farah" HAPPY EASTER!
Today I opened the web page on Koubayat, and read all the information.

I am very very happy to have read all the emails from all the people around the world, we need more pictures on our village and of our people and of course all the NEWS. 

All the "Koubayatans" in Dubai are fine and say hello to everyone.
My best to you and your family and to Hazzah and Roula.
My mobile number in Dubai is 971 50 6528554, by email you can reach me through my friend Laura Choueri's :

Love from Dubai
Paul Zaitoune


From:  Samantha Abboud - Melbourne - Australia

Date:  Tue, 25 Apr 00 06:37AM BST  
Subject:  Well Done

Hello Elie
My name is Samantha Abboud, daughter of Youssef Abboud, from Melbourne Australia. I was told about your web page and I quickly looked it up. A job well done. I really liked looking at the photos, especially the photo of my grandfather, Makhoul Kdeih, and the photos of George Nader and his sisters were very good too.


Thanks for putting the site up on the internet for people from all over the world to see and learn about Kobayat. Also thanks very much for the news section, please fill it up with all the latest news from the village.

Good luck 
Samantha Abboud


From:  Vera Daher Sleiman -  USA 

Date:  Mon, 24 Apr 00 04:59AM BST
Subject:  Congratulations...

...We love your website! My family and I log onto your site often and we are looking forward to seeing more recent pictures. I left Kobayat 29 years ago, but I am still very interested in all of the news updates and happenings around the town.
I can't wait to see all of the coming attractions! 


Keep up the good work!
Best of luck,
Vera Daher Sleiman


From: Jennifer Abboud - Abingdon, MD, USA
Date: Friday, 07 April, 2000  at 19:57:44

Subject: Comments

this is cool we all have the same last name "abboud". where are you all from? 

my dad is from Lebanon. 

e-mail me if you want.


From:  Rita -  Lebanon
Date: Mon, 10 Apr 00 18:16PM BST 
Subject : the kobayat site

We just want to congratulate you on your work, even though we have two small remarks :
1- the colors can be better chosen.
2- there should be bookmarks on the pages, so that when we click on a certain link, it should take us to the corresponding information.

again, nice work
Y. Ghosn


From: Grace Alexander  -  USA

Date: Fri, 07 Apr 00 04:13AM BST 
Subject: finally

... he sat it for us tonight. and I spend more than 3 hours looking at your web site, before the kids mess with it again. really, I appreciate what you done, it's wonderful. 


I write later for you.


From: Mimo Ghosn - Australia

Date: Tue, 04 Apr 00 05:53AM BST    
Subject: hi Eli

alla yi awik ,
it is been a while, I like all the new staffs you added. I am sending you a "Revenge " attach take care.

Big kisses for Edwin and Marie Lou
ps : I did give the web address for few kobayatiens in here but .....


From: Joseph Wehbe -  Lagos - Nigeria

Date: Sat, 01 Apr 00 11:54AM BST 
Subject: well done

Hi Elie.

I am Joseph Wehbe e-mailing from Lagos, NIGERIA.
Many thanks for what you've done. At least you were the first one who got this great idea.
All the best.



From: Joseph Jamil Daher -   Australia

Date: Sat, 01 Apr 00 01:32AM BST 

I found out about you from my dear friend GK an truly I am delighted with your achievement. It is a practical instrument to keep us abroad in touch with our homeland news and events. My congratulation on a project well done. I would like very much to see more improvement in the future, and I am sure that is what you looking forward to achieve.


If I may suggest something, I strongly recommend that you open a facility for persons in Lebanon as well abroad to exchange email letters through your web site for the fact only minority have computers or access to the net in Kobayath. In our turn, you are welcome you or any person in Kobayath to use our emails in Australia to send correspondence to his family and friends.


I Thank you again for your great project an hopping to hear from you soon, until we chat again I leave you in God's care and wish you all the best. 


Joseph Jamil Daher.


From: Soumaya Sassine - Antelias - Lebanon

Date: Thu, 09 March 2000 20:34 PM GMT
Subject: Finally

Hi Elie.

congratulate me. I finally open Kobayat website and I can see all pictures, and others subjects. It's great, it's so nice to see our village online. By the way even in Strasbourg, I'll connected, we'll keep in touch.

Hello to your family.


From: gli alessandrini  -   Italy

Date: Tue, 07 Mar 00 13:48PM GMT 
Subject: Ciao Carissimo !

Ciao Eli, come stai !

da quello che vedo stai tranquillissimo, vero !
mi è piaciuto tanto il tuo sito ( soprattutto la parte che mi interessa furbo !), è un sito speciale per un'amicizia veramente eccezionale !
ti chiedo di finire le foto di Kobayath quanto prima ! non vedo l'ora di vederli !

a presto


From: Nazih Sassine  -  USA

Date: Tue, 07 Mar 2000, 06:08AM GMT
Subject: Web

Hi Elie.
All the best to you. I loved your page it is so wonderful and inspiring to see the pictures. I don't have any suggestions about the page except that was in the process of writing one that would include more general pictures from Kobayat and some short humorous stories and gossip. I was even asking Yara to send me some pics of people and landscapes from there. The page will also include some information about the area and the people.

If you have any old and damaged photos, I will be happy to digitally fix them for you. Just email them to me in a jpg, tif or gif format.

Keep in touch.
Nazih Sassine, USA


From: Georges Abdo Amine Nader - Lebanon

Date: Fri, 03 Mar 2000, 12:54AM GMT

very good mahatah............yatik alaafiya.

Georges Nader


From: Charbel Jabbour - TOGO

Date: Sun, 20 Feb 2000, 01:07AM GMT
Subject: Ya3tik alf 3afyeh

I'm Charbel Jabbour. I'm in Togo now. I got your page by Freddy Daher, it was a very nice surprise. I say hello for all your family...
Hope to see you soon and ysalem idek...

Charbel Jabbour, TOGO, Central Africa

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