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From: f. Louis Wehbé ocso
Date: Mon 26-Dec-11 3:32 PM
Subject: Noël

Cher Elie Abboud,
Je désire renouveler pour vous mes voeux de saintes et joyeuses fêtes de Noël qui durent quelques semaines.
J'apprécie beaucoup votre travail d'évangélisation par le moyen de votre website de Kobayat. Il est d'une très grande qualité.
Que Dieu vous récompense.
Je me permets de vous envoyer mes deux homélies pour Noël (français et arabe) que vous voudrez bien insérer dans la page qui porte mon nom.

Très fraternellement dans le Seigneur

f. Louis Wehbé ocso


From: George Maike - USA
Date: Sat 24-Dec-11 10:01 PM
Merry Xmas

Dear Elie and family,

On this solemn and happy occasion, the advent of our Lord Jesus, I wish you and all yours Health, Happiness and Prosperity. May the New Year be a wonderful One.
Please, my regards to Bekhos.


George Maike


From: Joseph Daher - AUSTRALIA
Date: Sat 24-Dec-11 3:43 AM
Subject: Mikhael Chidiac (el-Kaddiss)

Hello Elie, I would like to thank you for your great service to Kobayatians around the world by providing a means for all to connect with our beloved town.
I was a good companion of Mikhael Chidiac (el-Kaddiss) and wondering if he is still alive and doing the same Religious activities used to do back around 1974.
Any one using SKYPE in Kobayat we may be able to use his service to communicate with Mikael in the future?


Warm Regards. Joseph


Date: Fri 23-Dec-11 4:27 PM
Subject: Joyeux Noël

Bonsoir très cher Élie
J'ai voulu vous souhaiter ainsi qu'à votre famille un joyeux Noël et une bonne année 2012 pleine de joie paix et succès.
De même mabrouk le douzième anniversaire à votre perle .
Quand j'étais à kobayat, j'étais parmi ceux qui ouvre cette page chaque jour, mais quand il m,est devenu obligatoire de rester quelques mois hors notre village, j'ai pu sentir le besoin de contacter cette page chaque heure.....
que l'enfant de la crèche vous guide et vous aide à être ce message de paix qui dépasse les distances pour réunir autour de Kobayat tous les " amoureux" de ce village extraordinaire...

Joyeux Noël.....



From: P.NASSIM KASTOUN - Kobayat
Date: Thu 01-Dec-11 1:43 PM
Subject: رسالة بمناسبة السنة 12

بعمر ال12 سنة، زار يسوع الهيكل مع والديه واجتمع مع علماء الشريعة وأدهشهم... (إنجيل لوقا – الفصل 2 – الآيات 41 إلى 52)،
وحين أراد أن يختار مرافقين له، اختار 12 رسولًا ليكونوا أسباط الكنيسة بدل أسباط شعب العهد القديم ال12 (إنجيل متى - الفصل10 – الآيات 1 إلى 7)،
ومدينة أورشليم السّماويّة سيكون لها اثنا عشر بابًا، يحرسها اثنا عشر ملاكًا... وسورُ المَدينَةِ لَه اثْنا عَشَرَ أَساسًا، علَيها الأَسماءُ الاِثْنا عَشَرَ لِرُسُلِ الحَمَلِ الاِثْنَي عَشَر (سفر الرؤيا – الفصل 21 – الآيات 14 إلى 21)...
وها موقعنا في القبيات يحتفل بسنته ال 12 وقد أضحى شريكًا لرسل يسوع في نشر البشارة السارّة إلى كلّ أصقاع الدنيا، ينشر كلمة الله ويدهش النّاس بمحتواه...
فلك يا إيلي كلّ التقدير والحبّ والإجلال في هذا العيد على مثابرتك وجهودك ولك منّا عهد بالوقوف الدائم إلى جانبك لتسمو بهذا الموقع إلى الهدف الأسمى الّذي شئته في ليلة عيد ميلاد الربّ يسوع في العام 2000.
كلّ عامٍ وأنت بخير... كلّ عام وأسرتك بخير... كلّ عام وموقعنا أجمل وأغنى وأشمل...

الخوري نسيم قسطون  


From: Roger Ison - USA
Date: Sat 26-Nov-11 7:12 AM
1840 - 1860

Hello Elie,

My name is Roger Ison.  I live in Loveland, Colorado. My ancestors on my mother's side of the family came from the area near Damascus (Farazli family) and Bikfaya (Yazbak family). My father's family are from the Kentucky/Ohio area of the United States. My parents met in Egypt during the Second World War.

I have collected a lot of family history and many old photographs, which I'm trying to assemble into a book.
Who knows whether the book will succeed, or whether I can even complete it, but my hope is to tell an interesting "Arab-American story".

I discovered your web page
which is important to my story, because my grandmother's parents were children who survived a massacre in a church near Damascus on Easter Sunday, April 1860. After that, they emigrated on French ships to Fayyoum in Egypt, where they married after they grew up. My grandfather's parents were from Bikfaya, they also went to Egypt, the eastern part of the Nile river delta.

I write to ask if you would accept for me to quote extensively from this particular web page.
So few people are familiar with this history, and it would really help tell my story.
I would of course attribute to you as the source, and provide a link to your web site.

Kind regards
Roger Ison

From: Dr. P. Simon - Lebanon
Date: Thu 24-Nov-11 11:55 PM

Salut cher Elie -kobayat
J’accuse réception de ton courriel avec un grand merci,
Je te dois d’ailleurs unye reconnaissance, car tu m’as rendu service du Liban quand j’étais au Canada si tu te rappelles.
Alors, je suis actuellement supérieur d’un couvent a Ajaltoun.
Je t’invite pour se connaitre et pour prendre diner chez moi.
Sois béni et a très bientôt dans l’espoir de te voir.

Père Simon Assaf PHD

From: Said Asmar
Thu 24-Nov-11 1:24 PM
نوايا القداديس

الأخ ايلي المحترم،
سلام المسيح يكون دائما في قلبك،
أخي ايلي، اتوجه اليك برسالتي هذه سائلا عنايتك عن إمكانية تزويدي بمجموعة نوايا القداديس للسنة الطقسية الحالية أو لغير سنوات في حال توفرت لديك شاكرا لك مسبقا مساعدتك.


أخوك بالمسيح سعيد الأسمر 

From: Abouna Patrice Sabater -Lebanon
Date: Thu 24-Nov-11 12:14 PM
Abouna Patrice Sabater (Mejdlaya)

Bien cher Elie,
Voici quelques nouvelles de la Congrégation en général, de la Province d'Orient, sur les chrétiens Orientaux et lesFfilles de la Charité. C'est une manière de garder le contact et de faire un pont être l'Europe et la Province d'Orient des Pères et des Soeurs.
Merci de le signaler également aux Soeurs.
Avec mon meilleur souvenir de notre passage éclaire l'autre jour !
Donc... à votre clavier !!!

Abouna Patrice Sabater Pardo, Mejdlaya CM

Pour faciliter le contact...
Pour vous rendre sur le blog du Père Patrice Sabater concernant les Chrétiens d'Orient et la Congrégation de la Mission (Lazaristes), au Proche Orient...

Couvent Saint Joseph des Pères Lazaristes
à Mejdlaya - (BP 22/ Zgharta) LIBAN
Tel: 00961 - 6661040


A très bientôt, donc, de vous lire et/ou de vous entendre... A TOUS, Bonne lecture !!! 


From: Elise Khuri - USA
Date: Wed 14-Sep-11 5:04 PM
Subject: Prayer in English for Mar Challita

Hi Elie,
I visited the church this summer but I couldn't find any prayer for fertility in English. Is there anyway you could help me with that?
Thanks. Elise Khuri


From: Betty Mutran
Date: Wed 10-Aug-11 12:07 AM
Subject: Re: hello

Thank you ever so much. Someday I hope to travel to Lebanon. One deceased relative told me the family originated in Baalbeck, but a fight with a non-Maronite caused the family to flee and resettle in Kobayat. When that occurred, I do not know. It was certainly before my grandparents married and left Kobayat. They often said they came from around Tripoli. And until about 1950 called themselves Syrians until other Lebanese told them that where they were from was now in Lebanon. My grandfather could not read English well and my grandmother could not read or write English. her prayer book was in Arabic.
English was always difficult for them, even though my grandfather was considered well educated when they left.

As others on your site have written, we are proud of our Lebanese heritage. I once received emails from the Mutrans in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Their ancestors left Lebanon in 1909 as well. I assume times were difficult then. I thought perhaps as Christians they wanted to avoid being drafted into the Turkish army. I don't know, but glad they left before WWI.


Thank you again.
Betty Mutran


From: Betty Mutran 
Date: Tue 09-Aug-11 9:26 PM
Subject: hello

I'm not sure what site I am writing, but I saw your name as I was searching for information. My name is Elizabeth or Betty Mutran. I am trying to research my family but the records would be very old as I too am getting on with age. My grandparents are deceased and so are all relative who might have known of the family in Lebanon.


Here is what I know of my ancestors. My grandfather Shaheen Mutran was born Feb. 10, 1891 of Joseph and Frangeha Hellah Mutran. His mother was widowed before my grandfather was 18 and then married his brother, Elias, I believe. My grandfather, Shaheen, married Anna or Hanna Frances whose birthdate was May 8, 1888. They gave birth to a daughter, Franjia or Frangeha, my aunt. But she also was given a name that meant Scapular and was something like Sada, Sada Franjiha. Her birthdate was May 23, 1909. Four or five months later the family left Kobayat or nearby Tripoli for the United States. I know that my grandfather's sponsor in the United States was a Mr. Doher who had sons named Albert & Amin. I believe there was another family in Tripoli or Kobayat that helped my grandfather leave for the US because I believe he used someone else's last name on the ship to the US. I believe my grandfather's step-father and his mother may have had other children, don't really know.


If you come across anything about the above persons, I thank you.

Betty Mutran 


From: Andre KAIROUZ - Lebanon
Date: Thu 16-Jun-11 9:53 AM
Subject: Buterflies


My name is Andre Kairouz, I live in Tripoli and I am an amateur entomologist (25,000 insects in my private collection), Among other things I collect butterflies and I used to help the late father Francois Tomb (Carmelite) in his butterflies collecting and spreading /preparing.

I found your web site while Google searching a rare Lebanese butterflies (Tomare lakloukensis).

I wonder about the whereabout of Father Francois's collection? I would appreciate any help.





From: Antoinette Chancé - France

Date: Mon 30-May-11 12:04 PM
Subject: St Maron

Dans le cadre d'une émission religieuse des chrétiens orientaux sur FRANCE2, nous souhaiterions reproduire l'image de St MARON . Pourriez-vous m'aider à identifier sa source


Antoinette Chancé


From: Guilhem Golfin - France
Date: Sun 29-May-11 3:15 PM
Subject: contact

Bonjour! je cherche à entrer en contact avec le père Roland Moarbès, que j'ai connu quand il était séminariste à Karm Saddé. S'il a une adresse mail à laquelle je peux le joindre, merci de bien vouloir me la communiquer!
En union dans le Christ !


Guilhem Golfin 


From: Wissam Daaboul - Lebanon
Date: Tue 10-May-11 1:02 PM
Subject: Kobayat Website

Dear Eng. Elie,

It is the first time in my life i am facing not an ordinary Website (, but i can say it is really a "LIBRARY" with the whole meaning of the word.
In addition, i can't believe that this huge achievement has been done by a single person which means you are doing a great job. Of course, as you said, thanks to your family members who are supporting you in such scope, because without this you will never be able to accomplish such great work.


As you asked about my opinion for this website, i found 4 small notes:
1) the link to "Conseil de l'environnement -Kobayat-Akkar", I didn't find the name of the board members.
2) the link to "Municipality of Kobayat", main page, for Municipality board members pictures, I believe it is better to display the name of each person and provide a brief information of the person when clicking on the picture.
3) I don't know if it is feasible or not, provide the option for each guest (or member or Kobayat resident) to create his own E-mail address with the extension and format as : which will make lot of people attached
to this website and I believe the website address will be rapidly widespread.
4) I believe as you are a confident person, it will be of great benefit to create a small account in this website in order to provide donations from local and overseas people for the purpose of supporting for example the building of a new church, restoration of a church, helping a poor family,.......

Well that's in brief, all what i can add is GOD bless you.


Sincerely yours,

Wissam Daaboul


From: Ernesto Kodr - France
Date: Fri 06-May-11 1:15 PM
Subject: Felicitations

Je vous félicite pour ce magnifique site, C’est juste pour savoir pourquoi ya pas des nouvelles photos ?


From: Lorraine Elia Kodeih - Lebanon
Date: Sat 23-Apr-11 2:34 PM
Subject: my last valentine in beirut

dear Elie, Al masih kam hakkan kam
please dear check on the face book : my last valentine in beirut (they put the latest pictures and info about the movie)
thank you so much for your support


Lorraine Elia Kodeih 


From: Mauricio Paredes Ramos - Colombia
Date: Mon 11-Apr-11 4:04 AM
Subject: ubicacion familia

Con la ayuda de Dios le pido me ayude a ubicar mi familia en argentina soy hijo de haneine chaanine ifran hija de jacinta ifran nacida en argentina mi madre haneine , el padre era mansour chaanine libanes. soy familar directo de EDMOND CHARBEL CHAANINE, DE ZAHLE LIBANO DONDE ESTA LA FAMILIA DE MI MADRE,EL HIJO DE HANEINE CHAANINE DE CHARBEL PERO QUIERO UBICAR Y CONOCER MI FAMILIA, Y ME HA SIDO IMPOSIBLE. GRACIAS POR LO QUE NOS PUEDA COLABORAR LE ENVIO DOCUMENTACION DE NUESTRA FAMILIA. mauricio paredes chaanine (ramos) en colombia


From: Habib - Andaket
Date: Thu 07-Apr-11 9:52 PM
Subject: Contact Kobayat Website

ye3tik l 3afye , ana 2esme habib men Andaket.
please fi marra kentou 7ettin 3al website ma2ta3 men radio wa2ta kenet andaket w kobayat m7asarin .wein fiye 2erja3 2esma3ou ??


From: Elyse Zerriny - USA
Date: Mon 21-Feb-11 4:49 AM
Subject: Salim Meaiki

Hello Mr. Abboud,

My name is Elyse and Salim Meaiki was my uncle. To honor his memory I have created a facebook dedicated to him, and I was wondering if you could post his link on your site so all of Kobayat could know of it and whoever have facebook could join and spread the word, etc. It is for the remembrance of Khalo Salim that I ask this of you. If this is possible please let me know - - my family and I would be very grateful.

On facebook you can find the page under "Captain Salim Meaiki". Here is his link:!/captain.salim.meaiki

Thank you and God Bless,



From: Père Cyprien - France
Date: Mon 24-Jan-11 3:30 PM
Subject: Bonjour et demande d'information.

Nos sincères salutation.
Appartenez-vous à la communauté Maronite?  Quelles sont les conditions d'admission et d'incardination?

Au plaisir de vous lire.


Père Cyprien AVIO.



Père Nassim Kastoun

Tue 25-Jan-11 4:13 PM

D’abord Merci Elie pour le FWD du Message.


Bonjour cher P.Cyprien.
Je fais part de l’Eglise Maronite en tant que fidèle d’abord et j’exerce mon ministère sacerdotale au sein de mon Eglise.
Pour les conditions d’amission (pour les fidèles), il faut contacter un diocèse maronite et présenter un dossier montrant votre les raisons de la volonté de devenir membre de cette Eglise. Si on est déjà catholique ou faisant membre d'une Eglise “apostolique” on aura besoin d’abord de l’acceptance des deux évêques concernés: originaire et accueillant. Et ensuite, viendra le rôle des feuilles demandés dont surtout et fondamentalement le “certificat de baptême et de confirmation” qui sera indiqué dans les registres de la paroisse à laquelle il appartiendra.


Concernant les prêtres, si le prêtre est catholique il peut y avoir deux possibilités:
1. Conserver le rite original, et avoir un permis de l'exercice ministériel maronite de l'Evêque Maronite local (C'est le cas des communautés monastiques latines au Liban).
2. Si le prêtre veut changer son rite, il doit avoir un "ok" de principe de son Evêque d'origine à base duquel il contactera un Evêque Maronite (En fonction et non en retraite) qui lui donne un "ok" de principe… Il préparera alors ses papiers d'excardination comme base de son dossier d'incardination dans l'Eglise Maronite qui devra naturellement contenir aussi un certificat de ses études, surtout théologiques.
Concernant les prêtres non-catholiques, l'affaire est un peu plus compliquée selon à quelle Eglise il appartenait surtout concernant les Eglises "non-apostoliques".
C’est un panorama rapide. Et je suis prêt à vous envoyer les documents du Canon des Eglises Catholiques Orientales (CCEO), contenant plus de détails.
Avec mes salutaions profondes et mes prières à vous deux.


Père Nassim


From: Père Louis ocso
Date: Fri 21-Jan-11 4:05 PM
Subject: MERCI

Elie, Un grand MERCI pour votre ouverture et votre hospitalité. Dieu nous bénisse!
f. Louis 


From: Joelle Zebouni - Lebanon

Date: Mon 03-Jan-11 5:56 PM

Subject: Presse

Elie ;
L'article sur Mar Chalitta va paraître autour du 6 janvier dans la revue FEMME MAG qui appartient au groupe MAGAZINE, vous pouvez l'acheter en librairie.
Merci pour votre aide et tous mes voeux pour la nouvelle année


Joelle Zebouni


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