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Faces from Kobayat


Gharbieh - Martmoura - Zouk - Saydet - Katlabeh - Ghowaya - Dahr el Charki - Dahr el Gharbi - Oldies



Georges Raad

Arch. Alfonse Georges

Iskandar Ghosn Photo2 - Toufic - Georges Ghosn

Saad Ghaziri

Youssef Rizk (Abou Rodolph)

Farid Mikhael

Mtanios Mikhael

Abdallah Youssef Demian

Alfonse George - Cecile brahim

Antoine Ighnatios Khoury

Antoinette Ghosn Ghosn

Sheikh Assaad Abdo

Camilia Ghosn Ghosn

Camille Mikhael

Charbel & Aline Issa

Charbel Anwar Fazah

Charbel Ibrahim Mikhael

Charbel Moussa

Elia Gerges Zraybi & Katia

Elia Amine Ighnatios

Elias Ghaziri

Fahd Fahd

Fayssal Fahd

Fouad Makhoul Mikhael

George Mtanios Zraybi

George Shikri Fahd & Lina

George Youssef Ghosn - George Ghosn 1

George Raad

George Ramez Ibrahim

George Youssef Raad

Habib Mtanios Sassine

Habib Youssef Mikhael

Hamid & Salam Mikhael

Hamid Mikhael

Ibrahim Youssef Zmeter

Jean-Michel Salim el Khoury

Johnny Michel Ibrahim

Johnny Joseph Awad

Joseph Fahd & Family

Joseph Habib Mikhael

Josephine Sayegh

Joseph Khaled Badawi

Joseph Gerges Demian

Joud Abdo

Kozhaya Mtanios ighnatios

Meryana Youssef Zraybi

Michel Elias Ghosn

Michel Ibrahim Ibrahim

Michel Mtanios Zraybi

Michel Fahd

Michel Makhoul & Saydet

Michel Salim Zraybi

Moawad Mikhael Zraybi

Mounir Mtanios Moussa

Mtanios Youssef Semaan

Nader Mikhael - with his Spouse

Nahid Habib Ighnatios

Najat Ighnatios

Naziha Sassine

Olga Ghosn

Father Joseph Fahd

Rimon Elias Rizk

Saad Raad

Salem Ibrahim

Samir Gerges Zraybi

Sesilia Abdo Ghosn

Simon Gerges Zraybi & Carole

Spouse of Youssef Habib Abdo - Photo 2

Spouse of Wadih Ighnatios

el Moukhtar Tannous Mikhael and his wife

Therese Fakhri George

Toni Gerges Demian

Toni Elias Ibrahim

Toni Mikhael & his Wife

Toni Nader Raad

Toni Najib Ghosn

Toni Salim Fahd

Toni Sassine

Toni Youssef Ghosn

Toufic Iskandar Ghosn

Vera Ghosn Dib

widow of priest Mikhael Zraybi

Elias Selban

Youssef & Rene Tannous - Youssef

Youssef Habib Abdo

Nasta Ibrahim (salim) Mikhael

Toni Raad

Johnny Youssef Zreibe & his wife Jowelle

Dory Youssef Zreibe & his wife

Youssef Ibrahim Mikhael


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